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Greens launch plan to save SA auto manufacturing

Penny Wright 20 Feb 2015

The Australian Greens have today launched a bold plan to save South Australia's ailing car industry by redirecting funds from the Automotive Transformation Scheme to components manufacturers looking to tap into the global market for electric vehicles.

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Penny Wright said the Greens plan would offer South Australian workers a future in global markets.

"Adelaide has a very skilled workforce when it comes to making cars and components," she said.

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Adelaide Airport curfew powers should sit with Parliament, not the Minister

Penny Wright 6 Mar 2014

I give notice that the Senate:

1.       notes that:

a.       there is community concern about the Transport Minister's decision to allow international passenger flights to land at Adelaide Airport at 5.10am, from April 2014; and

b.      the Adelaide Airport Curfew Act 2000 bans aircraft take-offs and landings between 11pm and 6am, except with the Minister's permission, to protect the lifestyle of residents who live under the flight path; and

2.       affirms that:

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Adelaide Airport curfew bill second reading speech

Penny Wright 12 Feb 2014

As an Australian Greens Senator for South Australia, I have introduced this simple bill to protect residents beneath the flight path of Adelaide Airport from night-time aircraft noise. It will amend an existing federal law to protect residential amenity from the noise impacts caused by late night and early morning take-offs and arrivals at Adelaide Airport.

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