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Pyne plays public for fools on Gonski

Penny Wright 27 Nov 2013

Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright has today called on the Coalition Government to end the deliberate deceit about school funding.

"Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne have played the public for fools, changing their commitment to schools on a daily basis," Senator Wright said.

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Greens to block Pyne's Gonski betrayal

Penny Wright 25 Nov 2013

The Australian Greens will block any attempt by the Coalition to walk away from the Gonski funding model, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright.

"If Christopher Pyne wants to tear up school funding reforms, he'll have to do it in the Parliament and the Australian Greens will be standing in his way, protecting the future of our children," Senator Wright said.

"With only weeks to go until 2014, the Coalition's continual flip-flopping and secrecy on education is a disaster in the making.

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Schoolkids will suffer if Abbott guts Gonski

Penny Wright 24 Nov 2013

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be held accountable if he walks away from the Gonski reforms in light of negotiation bungles revealed today, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright

"If Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne don't instantly go about putting in place a needs-based, sector-blind school funding system around the country - it will be another broken election promise from this government," Senator Wright said.

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Estimates: School funding questions

Penny Wright 20 Nov 2013

Education and Employment Legislation Committee 
Department of Education

20 November, 2013

Senator WRIGHT: First of all, can you identify please which schools were used as reference schools in order to construct the national schooling resource standards that the new school funding model under the Better Schools plan?

Mr Cook: There was 1,400 of those schools.

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Pyne must sort out education jumble

Penny Wright 18 Nov 2013

Education Minister Christopher Pyne is putting strain on schools by failing to clarify funding arrangements for 2014, says Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright.

Senator Wright said she would use Senate Estimates hearings on Wednesday to uncover more about the Coalition's plan for school funding, particularly in Victoria, where schools are still waiting on financial information.

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Gonski a goner under Abbott, say Greens

Penny Wright 8 Nov 2013

Thousands of Queensland students will lose out if a no-strings-attached school funding deal with the Federal Government goes ahead, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright.

"Tony Abbott and his government have completely abandoned the principle of the Gonski reveiw, which was to give every Australian student a chance to reach their potential," Senator Wright said.

"A funding carte blanche to the Queensland government may actually see less money being spent on education in the sunshine state, and that would be a huge loss to students.

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