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Time to make rural mental health a priority

Penny Wright 6 Aug 2015

The Australian Greens spokesperson for mental health, Penny Wright, is calling for rural mental health to be a top priority in Australia’s fifth mental health plan.

Mental Health Australia is meeting with the Federal Government today to begin discussions around the country’s next mental health plan.

Senator Wright, who has worked extensively with rural communities around mental health, says it is time they were put on the map.

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Abbott government cuts lead to axing of high-performing SA community health program

Penny Wright 3 Jul 2015

The Greens say it is deplorable that Abbott Government's health cuts will lead to the loss of an $8 million community care program and force mentally ill patients in South Australia to spend more time in hospitals.

Australian Greens spokesperson on mental health and Senator for South Australia Penny Wright said that the government has pulled the rug out from under this program that works, has been cost-effective, and significantly improves the lives of South Australians.

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Mental health funding extension not a long-term solution

Penny Wright 15 Jun 2015

Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) (17:05): I do thank the Minister Ley for her response, but in her response to the resolution the minister refers to her decision to give a 12-month funding extension to so-called front-line mental health services. While mental health organisations did welcome this funding extension, it is not by any means a long-term solution. It came far too late for many.

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The Abbott Government must address unmet mental health needs

Penny Wright 12 May 2015

I move that the Senate-

(a) welcomes, after significant delay, the release of the National Mental Health Commission's Report of the National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services, which found:

(i) mental health care in Australia often comes too late, is fragmented, fails to prevent crisis situations, and often does not take into account a person's broader social needs,

(ii) inadequate responses to significantly higher rates of mental distress, trauma, suicide and intentional self-harm among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and

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Mental health report leaked: now it's time for action

Penny Wright 14 Apr 2015

The Australian Greens have called for a national conversation about mental health care reform following the leaked National Health Commission's review of mental health services.

Australian Greens spokesperson on mental health Senator Penny Wright said too many reviews of the sector had been ignored by previous governments.

"The Abbott Government must now release the full report and lead a genuine community discussion around long-term reform of the mental health system," Senator Wright said.

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