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Human Rights Black Hole Guantanamo Must Be Closed: Greens

Penny Wright 11 Jan 2012

Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Penny Wright today commemorated the important yet disturbing 10-year anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

"Ten years on, Guantanamo remains open despite being a human rights black hole," Senator Wright said today.

"More than 150 inmates are still detained there indefinitely, many of which have not been charged or convicted of an offence.

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David Hicks

Penny Wright 25 Oct 2011

Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee
Tuesday 18 October 2011

Senator WRIGHT: My questions are in relation to David Hicks. Has the government responded yet to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights regarding David Hicks' claims?

Mr Wilkins: These are perhaps some questions that Mr Manning can answer.

Mr Manning: The government's submissions were lodged last Friday.

Senator WRIGHT: Can you tell us what that response was?

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