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The Greens' plan for securing a brighter future for Australian kids

Penny Wright 13 Jul 2013

A caring society ensures that every child can receive a high quality education - regardless of where they go to school or their family's income.

The current education system is chronically underfunded, putting pressure on teachers, parents and students.   

That's why the Greens are committing $2 billion more than the current government to implement school funding reforms.

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Greens back better education system for Tasmania and Australia

Penny Wright 9 Jul 2013

Today the Australian Greens have welcomed the news that Tasmania will sign up to the Gonski education funding plan. Tasmanian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson highlighted the importance of the Greens role in minority government at both the State and Federal level including having a Greens Education Minister in Tasmania, Nick McKim.

"This is great news for students and their families now and into the future and we need to recognise the contribution of Greens members of Tasmanian and Federal parliament," said Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

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Rudd must tell public his plan for schools

Penny Wright 3 Jul 2013

Prime Minister Rudd must clearly state his intentions for school funding reform to provide certainty for schools and parents, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright.

"Schools and parents need to know this Prime Minister is committed to improving the education of every Australian child," Senator Wright said.

"The negotiations with states and school systems are important, but the public deserves to be fully informed of Prime Minister Rudd's intentions.

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Gonski passes Senate: Statement from Senator Penny Wright

Penny Wright 26 Jun 2013

"After a decade of advocacy from the Australian Greens, Australia is now much closer to a needs-based funding system following the passage of the Australian Education Bill 2013," Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright said today.

"This legislation does not implement the full range of recommendations from the Gonski review of school funding, but it will provide the framework for a better education for every Australian child.

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Greens seek Gonski amendments to guarantee transparency

Penny Wright 25 Jun 2013

Australian Greens will tomorrow seek to amend the Gonski legislation to enshrine accountability and anti-discrimination principles in the new school funding system.

Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright said transparency was essential to make sure the billions of taxpayer dollars would make a real difference in Australian schools.

"These amendments will ensure money goes to schools, not bureaucracies," Senator Wright said.

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SA Gonski deal is insurance against Abbott - Greens

Penny Wright 14 Jun 2013

South Australia's agreement for new school funding system is another brick in the wall protecting public schools from a Tony Abbott repeal, says Australian Greens spokesperson on Schools Senator Penny Wright.

"Each state that signs up makes it much harder for any Abbott government to unwind the Gonski model and rip money out of schools," Senator Wright said.

"Today's agreement between the Prime Minister and South Australian Premier is great news for all SA students and teachers.

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Queensland and NT have nowhere to hide on Gonski

Penny Wright 11 Jun 2013

Coalition governments in Queensland and the Northern Territory must stop playing blind-man's bluff on school funding reforms, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright.

The call came as the Federal Government figures revealed just how much money would flow to some of the most disadvantaged schools in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

"Premier Newman and Chief Minister Giles have been stumbling round in the dark making all sorts of claims about how the Gonski school funding reforms would harm local schools," Senator Wright said.

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