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New inquiry gives voice to parents and teachers on Abbott's broken Gonski promises

Penny Wright 12 Dec 2013

The Abbott Government's broken promises and mismanagement of the Gonski school funding model will be examined by a special senate committee established today.

Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright encouraged parents, teachers and schools to make submissions.

"If Mr Pyne and Mr Abbott won't do their homework, we'll do it for them before they have the opportunity to tear down the best chance our kids have had to get a world-class education," Senator Wright said.

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Senate backs need for Gonski boost in country schools

Penny Wright 11 Dec 2013

Students at country schools will continue to be disadvantaged if the Gonski school funding scheme is not adequately implemented, the Senate has resolved today.

In a motion put by Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright, it was confirmed extra funding was need for kids in country schools to reach the same level as city students.

"Christopher Pyne's no-strings-attached backflip means the extra money is now not guaranteed to get to students in the bush," Senator Wright said.

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Motion for greater funding of rural schools

Penny Wright 11 Dec 2013

I move that the Senate:

1.       notes:

a.       the results of the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment  of students' mathematical, scientific and reading literacy, published on 3 December 2013, which showed students attending provincial and remote schools were performing as much as two years of schooling behind students in metropolitan schools;

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Education rankings fall more reason to get real on Gonski

Penny Wright 4 Dec 2013

Australia's decline in the PISA rankings released tonight put further pressure on the Abbott Government to ensure needs-based school funding across the nation, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright.

"These results are a wake-up call for the Abbott Government," Senator Wright said.

"Compared to other nations, Australia has a large gap between the highest and lowest performing students. If we do not address this, we will not be able to raise Australia's overall education performance.

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Motion to recognise the importance of needs-based funding

Penny Wright 3 Dec 2013

I move that the Senate

1.       notes:

a.       needs-based funding, where money is distributed equitably according to need, is essential to ensuring all students can access high-quality education;

b.      that disadvantage occurs in all sectors of schooling, but is concentrated in government schools;

c.       the discredited SES funding model was responsible for increasing inequity; and

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Distraction but no action: Greens say Gonski model matters

Penny Wright 2 Dec 2013

Australia's most needy students will still miss out despite extra school funding announced by the Coalition today, says Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright.

In Senate question time today Senator Marise Payne, representing Education Minister Christopher Pyne, refused to answer questions from Senator Wright about whether money would be allocated to schools on a needs-basis.

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