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New funding needed so schools benefit all

Penny Wright 23 Jan 2013

New research emphasising the gap between the have and have-nots in education reinforces the need for a school funding system which actively targets those who need it most, according Australian Greens spokesperson on schools, Senator Penny Wright.

 An OECD study has shown vast socio-economic divisions in the perceptions of the value of the education amongst Australian children.

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PM must rule out for-profit schools – Greens

Penny Wright 21 Jan 2013

The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader should immediately rule out the prospect of for-profit schools in Australia, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright.

"A free public education for all students is one of the primary roles of government," Senator Wright said. "Educating our children should never be a profit-driven exercise."

"Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott must provide the leadership on this issue and work with all states and territories to keep education focused on children, not income.

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Kids missing out: NAPLAN results a call to action

Penny Wright 18 Dec 2012

Australian Greens spokesperson on Schools Senator Penny Wright is calling on the Government to act quickly to address educational disadvantage amongst Indigenous students and remote schools in light of NAPLAN results released today.

 The NAPLAN 2012 National Report again showed students in remote areas were performing significantly below the levels of children attending schools in cities.

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Fixing our education system cannot wait

Penny Wright 12 Dec 2012

The Gonski school funding reforms must be introduced quicker than the Federal Government's six-year timetable in light of new reports highlighting Australia's poor literacy and numeracy standards, says Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools, Senator Penny Wright.

"These reports today are the latest of a whole number of studies which show Australia's performance in education is nowhere near where it should be," Senator Wright said.

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Work Together on Gonski for Nation's Sake

Penny Wright 6 Dec 2012

Ahead of COAG talks on implementing the Gonski model for school funding reforms, the Australian Greens are urging our nation's state Education Ministers to negotiate in good faith and collaborate to put the national interest first and foremost.

"All levels of government need to work together and focus squarely on what this is really about: our children. Schools funding reform is long overdue," Greens spokesperson for Schools, Senator Penny Wright, said.

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Where's Gonski gone?

Penny Wright 15 Nov 2012

The public have every right to be disappointed in the Government’s weak and legally unenforceable Australian Education Bill, says Australian Greens Spokesperson on Schools, Senator Penny Wright.

“We have been waiting for over a year for this Government to act on the Gonski funding review and this Bill is simply not good enough,” Senator Wright said.

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Give Gonski a go before year's end

Penny Wright 14 Nov 2012

Government legislation to improve Australia’s school system should be introduced before the end of the year in light of further evidence the nation is falling behind education targets, Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright said.

“We have heard a lot from this Government on education, but it is time for some action,” Senator Wright said.

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