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Estimates: Car manufacturing subsidies questions

Economics Legislation Committee 
Department of Industry 

21 November, 2013

Senator WRIGHT: I have some questions in relation to car manufacturing subsidies, so we may need to have the other person come back up to the table and play musical chairs. I understand that in the last few minutes you actually gave an indication in response to a question from Senator Carr as to the budgeting for the ATS over the forward estimates up to 2019-20. Was that correct?

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Estimates: questions relating to assembling submarines in South Australia

Penny Wright 20 Nov 2013

Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee 
Defence Materiel Organisation 

20 November, 2013

Senator WRIGHT: I really just have one question with a couple of sub-parts to it, regarding submarines. I am interested to know: what are the government's plans on the number of submarines it intends to build via the Adelaide Submarine Corporation over the forward estimates?

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Estimates: Heritage Funding Cuts

Penny Wright 31 May 2012

Senator WRIGHT: Good morning, everyone. I am going to first of all ask about the former heritage division within the department, which is now known as the heritage and wildlife division. My questions relate to the heritage budget following this internal reorganisation. I note that the heritage division received a significant funding cut in the last budget in the order of 30 per cent over the forward estimates. And that followed a 19 per cent cut the year before.

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