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Senate votes down equality motion

Penny Wright 23 Aug 2012

The Government and the Opposition today joined forces to vote down a Greens motion calling for new equality legislation to include, among other things, a duty on public and private sectors to actively promote equality and eliminate discrimination and the removal of arbitrary and blanket exemptions.

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Federal Equality Act Motion

Penny Wright 23 Aug 2012

I move:
That the Senate

(a) recognises that:
(i) Discrimination and inequality are alive and well in Australia, for example, in August 2010 women earned 16.9% less than men on average per week, with the total earnings gap increasing to 34.8% per week when taking into account part time and casual work.

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Estimates: Equality Laws

Penny Wright 31 May 2012

Senator WRIGHT: I am going to start by asking questions about the consolidation of anti-discrimination laws proposal. During additional estimates, in February this year, I asked a number of questions relating to the advancement of the consolidation of federal anti-discrimination laws. I would like to revisit those questions to gauge the progress of this important law reform process. Can you outline all consultation processes that have been undertaken to date with respect to developing an exposure draft of the new consolidated anti-discrimination legislation?

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Bring equality laws into line with 21st century standards

Penny Wright 22 May 2012

The Australian Greens said today that comments by South Australian Opposition leader Isobel Redmond on gender discrimination point to why it was high time that our federal equality laws be brought into line with international human rights law.

"Discrimination can be extremely debilitating and we will not solve this issue by looking away and hoping it will disappear," Australian Greens Senator for South Australia and spokesperson for Legal Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, said.

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