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Include peacekeepers on the Honour Roll

The Australian Greens today will be calling for Australian peacekeepers who died as part of their service, to be included on the Honour Roll at the Australian War Memorial.

Greens spokesperson for Veterans Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, will move a motion in the Senate later today, calling on the Government to request the Australian War Memorial Council to consider this move. Senator Wright said she encouraged, and expected, both the old parties to support this important call.

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Motion to include Australian peacekeepers on the Honour Roll

Senator WRIGHT: I move:

That the Senate:

(a) notes that:

(i) Approximately 70,000 Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police personnel have been deployed on over 60 peacekeeping operations throughout the world;
(ii) Forty-eight Australians have died on peacekeeping missions overseas;
(iii) Australian peacekeepers have made a significant contribution to international peace and security;

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Time to properly recognise our peacekeepers

On Australian Peacekeepers Day, Australian Greens spokesperson for Veterans Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, said greater recognition was needed for the valuable contribution Australians made to the international peacekeeping effort.

 "Our peacekeepers have the important - and often dangerous - task of maintaining and restoring peace and security in conflict and post-conflict zones around the globe," Senator Wright said.

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Fairer Indexation of Military Pensions Speech

Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) (17:11):

As the Australian Greens spokesperson on veterans' affairs, I am very aware of the cause of fairer indexation of military superannuation pensions. I have spoken at length to organisations representing veterans and their families and I, along with many other MPs, have received extensive correspondence from the veterans' community about this issue.

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Penny's Blog - Legacy’s special legacy

This week, people all over Australia are taking to the streets again to raise money and awareness for Legacy Week.

This is the 70th year that this important charity, which cares for the families of deceased Australian servicemen and women, is running its annual fundraising appeal, and many Australians would have already seen some of the dedicated volunteers on the streets, tirelessly selling badges and collecting funds.

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Remembering Australia’s Vietnam veterans

Commemorating Vietnam Veterans Day today, Australian Greens spokesperson for Veterans' Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, acknowledged the significant and long lasting impacts of war on veterans, their families and the wider community.

 "As we remember those veterans who went to Vietnam in our name, we also need to recognise that serving in a conflict zone has deep and long lasting impacts - both socially and economically - on those directly involved, but also on their families and the wider community.

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Estimates: Veterans' Carers and other Support Services

Senator WRIGHT: I want to ask some questions in relation to the increasing number of veterans with physical and mental problems who are being cared for in their homes by spouses, family members or other unpaid carers. I am aware of the concern of people in the community through consultations and discussions that I have been having. I am interested in better understanding what support is given to carers of veterans to enable them to accompany the veterans to hospital or care facilities-for example, transport services.

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Estimates: Veteran Mental Health Services

Senator WRIGHT: I have some questions regarding mental health programs and I believe they might be in outcome 2 or 3. Research indicates that veterans and partners of veterans experience higher levels of mental illness than the general population and this has significant implications for their children and extended family. Therefore, it is important that mental health services provide adequate support to current service personnel, veterans and their family members. My first set of questions relate to the level and adequacy of these mental health services.

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