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Remembering Australia’s Vietnam veterans

Commemorating Vietnam Veterans Day today, Australian Greens spokesperson for Veterans' Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, acknowledged the significant and long lasting impacts of war on veterans, their families and the wider community.

 "As we remember those veterans who went to Vietnam in our name, we also need to recognise that serving in a conflict zone has deep and long lasting impacts - both socially and economically - on those directly involved, but also on their families and the wider community.

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Estimates: Veterans' Carers and other Support Services

Senator WRIGHT: I want to ask some questions in relation to the increasing number of veterans with physical and mental problems who are being cared for in their homes by spouses, family members or other unpaid carers. I am aware of the concern of people in the community through consultations and discussions that I have been having. I am interested in better understanding what support is given to carers of veterans to enable them to accompany the veterans to hospital or care facilities-for example, transport services.

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Penny's Blog - Memories of My Dad: Anzac Day 2012

For me, Anzac Day brings me memories of my dad, who served in New Guinea in the Second World War.

Growing up, I noticed he wasn't one for going to the March, or the Pub either. He'd spend the day in his beloved shed - a bit more subdued than usual.

In later years, he explained to me that he was thinking about the mates he had lost, especially his best friend, Freddy, who was shot by a sniper on the day before the war ended. Peace came too late for Freddy. And many others.

My father didn't talk much about what he had been through, in the war.

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Remembering and caring for those who serve Australia: Greens

Australian Greens spokesperson for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, today acknowledged the significant and long-lasting impact that serving in a conflict zone has on veterans and their families.


“As we remember and give thanks for the generous service of Australian service personnel on ANZAC Day, we must also acknowledge the issues faced by many veterans and their families when they return from conflict zones,” Senator Wright said.


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Wars’ invisible scars go deep

The Australian Greens will tomorrow pay tribute to service personnel and civilians who lost their lives in the bombing of Darwin, the first and largest direct attack of mainland Australia.

Greens spokesperson for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, said the 70th anniversary of the bombings tomorrow was a timely reminder of the enduring costs of war.

“At least 243 civilians and Australian and US service personnel lost their lives during those two raids, and between 300 and 400 were wounded,” Senator Wright said.

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