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Greens sceptical on terror law push

Adam Bandt 6 Aug 2014

The Greens will not support the rushing of Tony Abbott's proposed terror laws through parliament and have called on the Prime Minister to immediately publicly release draft legislation.

The Greens also have serious reservations about the expansion of detention powers and new offences that reverse the presumption of innocence.

"Tony Abbott's 'Team Australia' deserves to know what his proposed terror laws will mean for our freedoms and the rule of law," said acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP.

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Ditching 'Andrew Bolt Protection Bill' a victory in fight against racism and hate speech

"The Greens are very proud to have been part of the community campaign against watering down race hate laws," said acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP.   

"The Government's backdown on the 'bigot' laws show that the community can make this Government change direction.

"This victory will give a big boost to everyone campaigning against Tony Abbott's agenda.

"The Government's changes would have given the green light to racism and other hate speech, and we're very pleased the "Andrew Bolt Protection Bill" has been dumped

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Brandis presumption of terror guilt could trap journalists, aid workers

New anti-terror laws outlined by the Coalition today could see humanitarian workers and journalists in war zones having to prove they are not criminals, say the Australian Greens.

Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Wright said Attorney-General George Brandis's plans to reverse the onus of proof added to concerns the wide-ranging legislation would severely restrict human rights.

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Greens speak out against Newman’s G20 crackdown

Penny Wright 14 Jul 2014

The Labor and Liberal parties have shown disregard for human rights by passing federal legislation to back up Campbell Newman’s draconian G20 laws, say Australian Greens Senators Penny Wright and Larissa Waters.

Senator Wright, Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs, said the Queensland laws were a gross breach of human rights.

“A vote in favour of this legislation is a vote to take away basic freedoms and rights,” Senator Wright said.

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Abbott’s mandatory sentencing plan won’t fix gun crime

Penny Wright 4 Jul 2014

New gun trafficking laws to be announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott today will do little to improve community safety, says Australian Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Penny Wright.

“The Prime Minister’s got the wrong end of the stick. Most illegal guns are not trafficked into Australia, they are stolen from registered owners,” Senator Wright said. “That’s really where the focus needs to be.”

“Mandatory sentencing does not reduce crime – it only locks people up once the damage has been done.”

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Greens disallow bankruptcy filing fees

Penny Wright 24 Jun 2014

A push by the Australian Greens to scrap the Abbott Government's $120 bankruptcy filing fee has succeeded, with the Senate disallowance vote passing late yesterday.

Australian Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Penny Wright said it was a win for common-sense, with those in dire financial situations no longer to be charged extra fees to file for bankruptcy.

"Charging people in the worst kind of financial trouble a fee to go bankrupt was illogical, and we are very proud to have put a stop to it," Senator Wright said.

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Greens' guns inquiry gets go ahead

Penny Wright 19 Jun 2014

New weapons manufacturing methods, including 3D printing, will be examined by the Australian Greens' new Senate inquiry into illegal guns.

Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Penny Wright said the three-month investigation would provide recommendations to government on how to make Australian streets safer.

"Homemade 3D printed guns are a real threat, because they're impossible to track and tricky to pick up in security screening," Senator Wright said.

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