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Get guns off our streets: Greens

Penny Wright 23 Apr 2014

The Greens will push for an Inquiry into the proliferation of illegal firearms in Australia when Parliament resumes.   

“The Australian Greens have long championed tighter gun control laws, including a ban on the importation, ownership, possession and use of semi-automatic handguns,” said Australian Greens Legal Affairs Spokesperson, Senator Penny Wright.

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Fund legal centres for law reform: Greens

Penny Wright 10 Apr 2014

The Australian Greens have called on the Abbott Government to heed a Productivity Commission report, emphasising the important role of legal assistance services in law reform.

“The Abbott Government was extremely short-sighted in ripping $43 million out of the legal sector, starving community services of the ability to conduct law reform,” said the Australian Greens’ spokesperson for Legal Affairs, Senator Penny Wright.

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Greens to disallow bankruptcy filing fees

Penny Wright 2 Apr 2014

The Greens will seek to disallow the recently introduced $120 bankruptcy filing fee when the Senate returns in May.

Australian Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Penny Wright said the fee would be a barrier stopping people in dire financial trouble from getting the help they need to get out of debt and have a fresh start.

“It defies reason to require people who are in the worst kind of financial trouble to pay a fee to go bankrupt,” Senator Wright said.

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Brandis opens the floodgates for bigotry: Greens

Attorney-General George Brandis's amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act will open the floodgates for racists and bigots to dominate the public debate, say the Australian Greens.

"This is the Andrew Bolt Protection Bill - the Attorney General is looking out for his mate but has spared no thought to those who are the victims of racial abuse," Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Wright said.

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Greens will block repeal of terror laws monitor

Penny Wright 20 Mar 2014

Expert oversight of Australia's counter-terrorism laws cannot be called "red tape", Australian Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Penny Wright has said.

Senator Wright said the Abbott Government should be red-faced about using red tape repeal day to take away human rights oversight by seeking to dismantle the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor.

"Successive governments have ignored the recommendations of Bret Walker to fix the over-zealous Howard counter-terrorism laws," Senator Wright said.

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Brandis Bolts to override internal concerns on racial slur laws

The Australian Greens have renewed calls for Attorney-General George Brandis to drop his bid to amend the Racial Discrimination Act, following the minister's responses in Question Time today.

Australian Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Penny Wright today asked the Attorney-General why he would not reconsider in light of concerns raised by Liberal MP Ken Wyatt.

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