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Immigration and Citizenship

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Migration Bill contravenes human rights

Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) (11:37):  I rise to speak on the Migration Amendment (Protection and Other Measures) Bill 2014, which seeks to amend the Migration Act 1958. If those listening to the debate today take away nothing else, I would ask them to take away the understanding that this bill, if passed, has the very real likelihood of Australia deporting people-fellow human beings-who have come to us legally-

Senator O'Sullivan:  Illegally.

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Holden closure: Greens call for summit to save manufacturing in SA


South Australian Greens Senators Sarah Hanson-Young and Penny Wright have expressed their sympathies for the families that will be affected by Holden's closure and have called for the development of a sustainable manufacturing future for the state.

"The Greens are calling for a multi-party, multi-stakeholder summit to develop a sustainable manufacturing future for South Australia," Senator Hanson-Young said.

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