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Opposing nuclear power in SA

Penny Wright 12 Feb 2015

1)      opposes the establishment of nuclear power plants in Australia, based on the best available expert advice;

2)      recognises that the production of uranium and its use in the nuclear fuel cycle presents unique and unprecedented hazards and risks, including:

i.                     threats to human health and the local environment in the mining and milling of uranium;

ii.                   the generation of products that are usable as the raw materials for nuclear weapons manufacture; and

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Senate motion in support of the Country Fire Service

Penny Wright 10 Feb 2015

I move that the Senate:

1.       thanks those who fought to protect homes, properties and wildlife during the devastating Sampson Flat bushfires in South Australia during January 2015; 

2.       recognises the outstanding contribution of South Australia's Country Fire Service personnel in keeping residents safe and bringing the fire under control in challenging conditions;

3.       commiserates with those who lost their homes, properties and pets as a result of the fire;

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Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (Improved Oversight And Resourcing) Bill 2014: Second reading speech

Penny Wright 3 Dec 2014

I am pleased to rise and speak to this important bill, which I have introduced with the aim of preserving and enhancing the crucial role of the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM).

In a world characterised by unrest and fragile peace, the Australian Greens understand the need to have a robust conversation about our national security laws. We also have the highest regard for human rights and freedoms.

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