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Full scrutiny missing from review of citizenship bill

Penny Wright 25 Jun 2015

Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) (13:08):  I want to express the great disappointment of the Australian Greens on the vote that just took place, when the government and the opposition and a significant number of the crossbenchers voted not to refer the citizenship bill, also known as the Allegiance to Australia bill, to the full scrutiny of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee of the Senate.

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Traditional common law rights must be taken seriously

Penny Wright 22 Jun 2015

Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) (11:39):  The Australian Greens do not support the enactment of the Law Enforcement Legislation Amendment (Powers) Bill 2015 as currently drafted. The bill seeks to amend the Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 and the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Act 2006 to enhance the powers of Australian Crime Commission examiners to conduct examinations, and the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner, supported by the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, to conduct hearings.

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