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Work Together for Nation’s Sake

Media Release
Penny Wright 7 Sep 2012

Ahead of talks today on the implementation of the Gonski model for school funding reforms, the Australian Greens are urging all Education Ministers to negotiate in good faith and collaborate to put the national interest first and foremost.

"All levels of government need to work together and focus on what this is really about: our children. We now need to get on with schools funding reform urgently," Greens spokesperson for Schools, Senator Penny Wright, said.

"The Gonski Review has clearly demonstrated that our current system is inequitable and failing many of our students, as well as Australia as a nation,"

"Our international competitiveness has declined and we are not optimising the potential of many of our students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and with social needs.

"This is the biggest chance we have had in more than a generation to make things fairer for all our children - let's embrace it.

"The Greens are ready and willing to work with the Government to get the Gonski principles of consistency and fairness into legislation by the end of the year, and we urge the States to put aside their differences to do the same.

"We need to get on with Gonski. With a fairer funding system in place for 2014, we will all be winners; our kids, our teachers and our nation alike."

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