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Where did Gonski go?

Media Release
Penny Wright 29 Jan 2014

The Queensland government has abandoned the Gonski reforms in its new school funding plan, says Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright.

“Making students meet certain literacy and numeracy standards before providing extra funding is going completely against what the Gonski reforms are all about,” Senator Wright said.

“Gonski is about directing funding to where it will help – not withholding funding from schools who are struggling.

“Premier Newman is completely disregarding the evidence of the Gonski Review which showed funding must be delivered on the basis of need.

 “Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne have a lot to answer for after throwing around no-strings-attached funding, without requiring states to increase money spent on schools.”

Senator Wright also voiced concern about the lack of funding for students with a disability in Premier Newman’s plan.

“Allocating just $2 million in extra funding for disability will mean students don’t receive the assistance they need.

“Under the Gonski funding model, all schools would attract extra funding for students with disabilities – ensuring every student has the chance to reach their potential. 

“Without a needs-based funding model, these are exactly the sorts of flawed and inadequate arrangements we’re going to end up with.

“Australian students deserve more from decision-makers. 

 “Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne must intervene immediately to ensure students in Queensland have access to a world-class education, with public funding distributed to those who need it most.” 


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