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South Australian ABC jobs on the line

Media Release
Penny Wright 19 Nov 2014

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Penny Wright says the closure of South Australian ABC TV production and outsourcing of administration would be a serious blow to the state and could cost up to 150 jobs in Adelaide.

“The government’s cuts to the ABC will decimate the Adelaide ABC workforce and will have serious flow on effects – especially for a smaller city like Adelaide where the job market is tight,” Senator Wright said.

“Adelaide is one of the last ABC offices outside the eastern states to retain internal TV production and we must fight to protect this if the ABC is to retain any semblance of being a national broadcaster.

“Tony Abbott categorically stated there would be ‘no cuts to the ABC or SBS’ under a government he would lead and yet here we are with a betrayal of voters and South Australian jobs on the chopping block.

“It’s time to draw a line in the sand and I'm urging people to say there must be no more cuts to the ABC or programs like Stateline that ensure we have a South Australian voice on our national broadcaster," Senator Wright said.  


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