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Senate votes to dump Pyne's curriculum review panel

Media Release
Penny Wright 12 Feb 2014

The Senate has today called on the Abbott Government to replace the curriculum review panel of Ken Wiltshire and Kevin Donnelly with independent experts.

Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright introduced the motion, which was supported by Labor, in the wake of widespread concern about the objectivity of the panel appointed by Education Minister Christopher Pyne.

"Not content with dismantling a more equitable funding system, Mr Pyne is looking to force his ideology into the classroom by appointing his Liberal mates to run a premature review into the Australian curriculum," Senator Wright said.

"Furthermore, Mr Donnelly is really not qualified for this position and his selection shows very poor judgement by Mr Pyne.

"Mr Donnelly has been very public with his controversial views. He is entitled to hold those views, but they make him a completely inappropriate person to review what our kids learn in school.

"We must not have a man with such dogmatic and backward perspective on Australian history, multiculturalism and LGBTIQ rights designing the curriculum for the future.

"Any review of the Australian Curriculum must be led by independent, expert personnel - as has been done in the past.

"The Australian Greens call on the government to immediately restore objectivity to the curriculum review panel by appointing independent educational experts."

The full motion can be found here.

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