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See struggling schools for yourself, Greens urge Abbott

Media Release
Penny Wright 22 Apr 2013

The Australian Greens have called on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to visit disadvantaged public schools before pledging to repeal any Gonski legislation.

Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright said Mr Abbott's comments showed tremendous ignorance about systemic inequality in Australian schools.

"Mr Abbott needs to see for himself the strain so many of our public schools are under," Senator Wright said.

"The Coalition needs to go out into those areas where schools are under pressure and so many children are not getting an adequate education and talk to the families first.

"But if Mr Abbott won't listen to parents and he won't listen to teachers, he should at least listen to the business community.

"The Gonski reforms have been praised by the Business Council of Australia and Mr Gonski's own business credentials cannot be doubted.

"Fixing our broken school funding system is not just necessary social reform, it's critical for Australia's economic success."

Senator Wright said Mr Abbott's refusal to acknowledge flaws in the current school funding model was another example of the Coalition's habit of ignoring evidence.

"It is arrogant and wrong to say there is no problem with our school funding system when there are schools that have to fundraise to afford even basic supplies like paper," Senator Wright said.

"It is ignorant and misleading to say there is no problem when there is a demonstrable education gap of up to five and a half years between students at privileged schools and disadvantaged students.

"And it is simply inexcusable to wilfully ignore all the evidence and persist with a school funding system that is leaving thousands and thousands of Australian children behind."

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