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Schoolkids will suffer if Abbott guts Gonski

Media Release
Penny Wright 24 Nov 2013

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be held accountable if he walks away from the Gonski reforms in light of negotiation bungles revealed today, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright

"If Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne don't instantly go about putting in place a needs-based, sector-blind school funding system around the country - it will be another broken election promise from this government," Senator Wright said.

"Mr Abbott went to the election on an education 'unity ticket' with Labor. It would be a betrayal to their voters and to children all around the country if they backed out now.

"Our country desperately needs school funding reform because at the moment, the most disadvantaged kids perform as much as five years behind the most privileged children by early high school."

Senator Wright also warned against Mr Abbott's rhetoric about 'streamlining' the reforms, saying it would reduce transparency.

"Much of what Mr Abbott is calling 'red tape' in education reform is ways to make sure taxpayer money is spent well in the schools that need it most.

"Scrap this and there will be no way to make sure our kids are getting the resources they need to reach their potential.

"Mr Abbott needs to keep in mind any political point scoring in education is at the expense of Australian kids and also risks the economic future of our nation."

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