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SA farmers must have right to refuse fracking

The Australian Greens have moved to protect South Australian farmers from shale gas fracking, as community concern grows over unconventional mining on farming land.

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Senator Penny Wright today sponsored a Senate motion in favour of giving landholders legal rights to refuse shale and fracking on their properties.

"This is a dangerous industry that puts our precious water and farming land at risk," Senator Wright said.

"South Australian farmers, particularly in the South East, are growing increasingly concerned that their farms could be next in line for unconventional gas mining.

"Nowhere in SA is currently off limits. Farmers should be able to say no.

"We don't want a situation like in NSW and Queensland where the risks were not understood by the community until it was too late.

"The Australian Greens are standing up for farmers and protecting our agricultural land. South Australia must stop this industry before it gets off the ground."

"We need to make sure there is a balance between mining and food production. It makes no sense to invest in a fossil fuel industry at the end of the fossil fuel age."

The full motion, also sponsored by Senators Sarah Hanson-Young, Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters, can be found here.


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