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Rushed and politicised curriculum review will cost $300k

Media Release
Penny Wright 26 Feb 2014

The Abbott Government will spend $300,000 in rushing a review of the national curriculum before implementation is complete, paying reviewers Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire $429 each per day.

Questions asked by Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Wright in estimates hearings today revealed the full costs of the review.

"This review is nothing more than an ideological exercise by the Minister based on his own paranoia about a "left wing bias" in schools," Senator Wright said.

"How much money will Christopher Pyne spend just to hear what he wants to hear?

"Several million dollars have been spent developing the current curriculum and more than 17,000 submissions were received during the consultation process. Each subject was developed over two or three years.

"Now Mr Donnelly and Mr Wiltshire will have just 21 business days between the close of submissions and their draft report to look at the whole thing.

"Nothing more clearly demonstrates that Christopher Pyne is willing to push his political barrow at any cost."

Senator Wright also noted neither Senator Marise Payne, representing Minister Pyne, nor the Education Department would comment on controversial comments by reviewer Mr Donnelly regarding LGBTI rights, aboriginal heritage and multiculturalism.

"It's outrageous that so much taxpayer money will be spent getting someone as underqualified and ideologically driven as Kevin Donnelly to review the curriculum before it's even fully implemented.

"Minister Pyne has no business meddling in our classrooms and trying to push his political agenda on our students."

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