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Remembering and caring for those who serve Australia: Greens

Commemorating Remembrance Day today, Australian Greens spokesperson for Veterans Affairs and Mental Health, Senator Penny Wright, acknowledged the sacrifice of Australians who have died serving our country and recognised the enduring impacts of service on veterans and their families.

"As we give thanks for the generous service of our Australian Defence personnel on Remembrance Day, we should also consider the challenges faced by veterans who return home from war - and their families," Senator Wright said.

"It's clear that many veterans suffer from mental health effects directly related to their experiences in conflict zones.

"We also know that the mental health effects of conflict, including suicide, reach beyond veterans to their families who often bear the brunt of the pain of their loved ones.

"As a community, we must acknowledge the consequences of their service and ensure that veterans and their families receive the care and support they need, not only for their mental health but also for housing, finance, employment and physical rehabilitation.

"If we are willing to ask people to serve in conflict zones in our name, we must do what is necessary to prepare them beforehand, mentally as well as physically, and care for them properly when they return home."

Senator Penny Wright will be attending the Adelaide Repatriation General Hospital Remembrance Day Service.

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