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Policy beats politics as Premier gets on with Gonski

Media Release
Penny Wright 23 Apr 2013

Opposition leader Tony Abbott must re-evaluate his position on the Gonski school funding reforms in light of New South Wales's partnership with the Federal Government, say the Australian Greens.

Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright welcomed Premier O'Farrell's clear show of leadership today and said other premiers must be quick to follow his example in getting on with Gonski.

 "That a Coalition Premier is the first to sign up for fairer school funding is a win for policy over politics and a blow to Mr Abbott's claim that the education system is not broken," Senator Wright said.

"Premier O'Farrell has shown true leadership on this issue and we can only hope other premiers will swiftly follow to move towards a world-class education in every Australian classroom.

"The children of New South Wales, both today and in the future, will be immensely grateful for Mr O'Farrell's willingness to put their interests above politics.

 "If we want to be a clever country, we need to start by being a caring country and that means addressing the inequality in our schools.

"Mr Abbott's claim that school systems only need 'fine-tuning' has been left totally exposed by today's announcement. To deny the need for reform in our schools is ignorant and inexcusable.

"The sooner Mr Abbott realises his position on Gonski is untenable, the better for all Australian children."

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