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NAPLAN results signal need for school funding overhaul

Media Release
Penny Wright 5 Aug 2015

NAPLAN results, which came out today, suggest that Australian high school students are flat-lining and Senator Wright has called for a fresh look at how schools are funded in Australia to make sure students are getting the best education.

Senator Wright recommends implementing the findings from the senate inquiry into ‘The effectiveness of the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy’.

“Rather than use NAPLAN to create a competition between schools, NAPLAN data should be used to ensure it is helping kids, not creating a competitive environment with league tables,” Senator Wright said.

“Keeping in mind that NAPLAN isn’t a be all and end all test, it can assist us to see which schools might benefit from more funding resources.

"This situation has been compounded by a chronic underfunding of Australia's public education system in the recent years. This situation is jeopardising the education of thousands of Australian children across the country.

"In the years from 2009 to 2013 we have seen public education funding increase by only 12.5%, whereas private and catholic funding has increased by twice that amount.

“There is clear evidence that directing more funding to those students who need it the most is the best investment to increase results. Needs-based funding would see more money going to the public schools which educate most of those students . 

"In real terms, we have actually seen the money allocated to public school drop by almost 2% per student. It's inequitable and inefficient to continue increasing investment in our private schools while leaving public education floundering.

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