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Motion on teacher training and supporting our teachers

Penny Wright 13 Mar 2013

I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I will move that the Senate:

a. recognises that:

i. improving teacher quality is one of various important components to raising education standards in Australian schools;

ii. measures to ensure trainee teachers have the necessary skills and aptitude are fitting but should be complemented with other incentives to attract candidates to the profession;

iii. school teachers must be appropriately remunerated and supported in the challenging functions they perform, through fair wages, suitable career structures, ongoing professional development and adequate time for out-of-classroom preparation; and

iv. adequately resourcing government schools creates optimal conditions for raising education standards; and

b. calls on the Government to:

i. include measures which will enhance morale, professional development and job satisfaction among teachers, to complement teacher training; and

ii. address the under-resourcing of government schools by implementing the Gonski recommendations without delay.


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