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Motion to replace Ken Wiltshire and Kevin Donnelly on the Australian Curriculum review

Penny Wright 12 Feb 2014

I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I will move that the Senate

1.       notes

a.       the Australian Curriculum was developed over six years, involving input from thousands of educators, parents and academics, and was negotiated with and agreed to by state and territory governments;

b.      the Australian Curriculum is still in the process of being implemented by state and territory governments;

c.       there is widespread concern among educators and the public about the timeframe, scope and transparency of the federal government's review of the Australian Curriculum, and the objectivity and expertise of the panel;

2.       recognises

a.       the importance of  a non-partisan perspective in the development of the Curriculum for Australian students; and

b.      the need to appoint proficient and independent experts to oversee reviews of Commonwealth programs; and

3.       calls on the Government to immediately restore the established system of appointing independent education experts to oversee the development and implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

This motion recieved the support of the Senate. Read my media relase on the vote here.

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