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Motion - Remembrance Day and Veterans' Mental Health


That the Senate

  1. Notes that
    1. 11 November is Remembrance Day, which commemorates the official end of World War I on that date in 1918
    2. On Remembrance Day we remember those members of Commonwealth armed forces who died in the line of duty in World War I and since
  2. Recognises
    1. The sacrifice of Australians who have died serving our country
    2. Death is not the only human toll of war
    3. That veterans suffer from mental health effects directly related to their experiences serving in conflict zones, including suicide
    4. The mental health effects of conflict reach beyond veterans to their families, who are also affected
  3. Calls on the Government to continue to


  1. Ensure funding for mental health services for  veterans and their families
  2. Encourage the armed services to promote and support good mental health practices
  3. Encourage speaking out about suicide and to make suicide prevention a priority, including within the armed forces
  4. Encourage a culture of openness and understanding about mental health in the Australian military


Co-sponsors: Senators Wright, Feeney, Ronaldson

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