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Motion on the recognition of Australian peacekeepers

I move that the Senate:

(a) notes that:

(i) about 70 000 Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police personnel have been deployed on over 60 peacekeeping operations throughout the world, significantly contributing to international peace and security, and

(ii) more than 40 000 people signed a community petition calling for the 48 Australian peacekeepers who have died in service to receive equal recognition and be placed on the Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial; and

(b) commends:

(i) the Australian War Memorial Council’s decision to recognise peacekeepers on the Roll of Honour; and

(ii) the tireless work of advocates, including Mrs Avril Clark, Ms Sarah McCarthy and the Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association for their work on this matter.


This motion recieved the unanimous support of the Senate.

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