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Motion to recognise the importance of needs-based funding

Penny Wright 3 Dec 2013

I move that the Senate

1.       notes:

a.       needs-based funding, where money is distributed equitably according to need, is essential to ensuring all students can access high-quality education;

b.      that disadvantage occurs in all sectors of schooling, but is concentrated in government schools;

c.       the discredited SES funding model was responsible for increasing inequity; and

d.      the government made a clear pre-election commitment to maintain the reformed school funding model from 1 January 2014 for four years, with the same funding envelope; and

2.       recognises that, in reneging on its pre-election commitment, the government will perpetuate and worsen the inequities at the heart of the schooling system, which needs-based funding reform had the only chance of reversing.

This motion was supported by the Senate.


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