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Motion: Perinatal depression

Penny Wright 4 Mar 2014

We give notice that, on the next day of sitting, we will move:

that the Senate:

1.       notes that the National Perinatal Depression Initiative, since 2008:

a.       has improved the prevention and detection of antenatal and postnatal depression, and provided better support and treatment for expectant and new mothers experiencing depression;

b.      in doing so, has provided what experts have called 'the ultimate two-for-one', by ensuring babies' wellbeing in the course of supporting mothers at this critical stage of life; and

c.       has demonstrated Australia to be a world leader in terms of its support for, and treatment of, people experiencing perinatal depression;

2.       notes that the Initiative is under review, and there is no clarity in relation to the future of its federal funding; and

3.       calls on the federal government to express whether it has a commitment to the support of new mothers and their children, by continuing the National Perinatal Depression Initiative beyond this financial year.


Penny Wright, Senator for South Australia

Jan McLucas, Senator for Queensland




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