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Motion for greater funding of rural schools

Penny Wright 11 Dec 2013

I move that the Senate:

1.       notes:

a.       the results of the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment  of students' mathematical, scientific and reading literacy, published on 3 December 2013, which showed students attending provincial and remote schools were performing as much as two years of schooling behind students in metropolitan schools;

b.      the Gonski  panel's Review of Funding for Schooling also found the performance of students in rural schools is significantly below that of students in city schools, and recommended additional funding for these schools;

2.       recognises:

a.       Australian students in rural areas deserve the same educational opportunities as students in metropolitan areas;

b.      additional Commonwealth Government funding to improve student outcomes is not guaranteed to reach the most needy rural schools under unconditional funding arrangements with state governments; and

c.       rural students will likely continue to be disadvantaged as a result; and

3.       calls on the Commonwealth Government to negotiate agreements with all state governments which ensure rural schools receive appropriate funding, in accordance with the recommendations of the Gonski review, including loadings for remoteness or a school's limited size.

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