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Money for Gonski should trump surplus

Media Release
Penny Wright 22 Oct 2012

Putting money into funding public schools, especially those which educate the most disadvantaged young Australians, should trump the political surplus projected in today's budget update, the Australian Greens said today.

 "Last month, the Government announced a new, fairer funding model, which is exactly what Australia needs - yet today the Government seems to have failed to make their so-called education crusade a funding priority," Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools, Senator Penny Wright, said.

 "The Gonski review has clearly demonstrated that our current system is inequitable and is leaving many of our most disadvantaged kids behind. Many public schools have been struggling with constant underfunding for years, while mining companies making huge profits from our shared resources still do not pay their fair share of taxes.

 "Instead of focusing on the short-term goal of achieving a miniscule surplus this year, we should be thinking long-term by investing what is needed in public schools, which educate the Australian citizens of the future.

 "Implementing the Gonski recommendations in full, to ensure every child in Australia will receive a high-quality public education, will only be beneficial for Australia's economy and result in a country that is fairer, smarter and happier.

 "Gonski has shown us the way forward and our kids can no longer afford to wait - Gonski needs to trump the surplus."


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