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McSchools on the menu

Media Release
Penny Wright 24 Oct 2014

The Federal Government could partner with McDonald's under a new corporate schools scheme, Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright has revealed.

Questioning in Senate estimates this week revealed the Education Department was discussing joining up with the fast food giant, and McDonald's has conceded it may participate in the Geelong pilot.

Senator Penny Wright said big business should not be dictating what is taught in classrooms.

"I think most parents would be horrified at the idea of McDonald's teaching their children," Senator Wright said.

"While we obviously need to make sure our students are learning the skills that will help them get jobs, selling out what schools teach is not the way to go.

"All the experts are telling us we need to boost maths and science learning in our schools, but we really need to ask what skill shortages will be addressed through a partnership with McDonald's?

"If the Abbott Government is seriously going down this path, I think they will have a very tough time explaining to parents how McDonald's in schools is going to help our kids."

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