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Legal hurdles, community division over citizenship

Media Release
Penny Wright 13 Jun 2015

Ministerial power to strip Australians of their citizenship is frightening the community and may be unconstitutional, said Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Penny Wright.

"These laws are a mess. They're being rushed, they're being formed on the basis of misunderstood advice, they're fuelling division in the community and in Tony Abbott's own Cabinet," said Senator Wright.

"Such a serious mistake will result in crucial legal processes being passed over, and the consequences of that are huge.

"The decision to remove a person's citizenship - the most fundamental right of our Constitution - must be based on decisions made by a court of law.

"Handing that responsibility to a government minister while bypassing the courts is an extraordinary abuse of power, and throws out the most basic democratic right we have," said Senator Wright.

"Where is the so-called Opposition on this? It's disgraceful that the Labor Party hasn't come out strongly and loudly against these dangerous proposals.

"The Abbott government is so intent on exploiting fear in the community, the mask has slipped. They've shown their extreme face, and what utter chaos they're in."


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