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Labor and Liberal deal to gut Renewable Energy Target duds SA

Media Release
Penny Wright 24 Jun 2015

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Penny Wright says the Renewable Energy Target legislation that passed the Senate last night will hit South Australia hardest.

"South Australia is the biggest loser out of Labor and Liberal's dirty deal to cut the Renewable Energy Target.

"We have the highest percentage of homes with solar panels, the most energy sourced from renewables and the most investment now at risk.

"Not only do we lose the opportunity for more clean energy, but we lose the jobs and investment that spin off from renewable energy.

"This will hurt the South Australia's car-part manufacturers like IXL, who are transitioning into providing the significant parts and mechanisms for solar panels. Their opportunities have been dashed by this deal.

"The Liberal and Labor parties have just cost South Australians hundreds of jobs and millions in investment."

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