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Keep razor gang away from military pensions: Greens

The Australian Greens have urged the government to come clean about potential changes to military pensions in next month’s budget, amid speculation some former defence force personnel will be left worse off.

Speaking on Anzac Day, Spokesperson for Veterans Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, called on the government to keep their razor gang away from military pensions.

“As the country pauses to remember all those who have served Australia, we must re-commit to proper care for our veterans and their families.

“Former defence force personnel have signed up to a particular set of conditions for their pensions and it would be wrong to change these without proper consultation.

“Reports of silence and a lack of consultation by the government are unfortunately not surprising but veterans deserve to know what the government is planning.

“The Greens believe that if we are prepared to send people to serve Australia, we must provide proper care for them when their service is complete.

“I will continue to work with veterans groups in the lead up to next month’s budget to seek further clarity around these reported changes.”

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