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Hold premiers accountable if education talks fail

Media Release
Penny Wright 18 Apr 2013

State Premiers who do not sign up to the Gonski school funding reforms at tomorrow's COAG meeting must be held accountable, says Australian Greens spokesperson on Schools, Senator Penny Wright.

"If Coalition state Premiers fail to reach an agreement to fairly fund our schools, our whole nation will suffer," Senator Wright said.

"It will cost our economy billions and leave so many Australian children behind and these Premiers must be held accountable for that.

"They will need to explain to parents, children, schools and teachers in their states why they have chosen to reject a proposal that will move us towards a word-class education system in every classroom.

"At COAG negotiations tomorrow, everyone at the table needs to leave the politics behind and prioritise what is best for Australian children now and in the future.

"Coalition premiers have every reason to be disappointed in the Federal Government's management of these reforms, but they have no excuse to overlook the bigger picture.

"In order to prepare Australia for the challenges of the 21st century, we need to invest now in a smarter and fairer school system so every child can have a good education, no matter where they live or what their circumstances."

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