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Greens welcome ban on gillnet fishing off Kangaroo Island waters


South Australian Greens Senator Penny Wright welcomes the temporary ban on gillnet fishing in waters off Kangaroo Island after 49 dolphin deaths in the last 12 months.

The Australian Fishing Management Authority (AFMA), which is responsible for managing fisheries in these Commonwealth waters, has announced a temporary ban on  gillnet fishing after 5 conservation groups recently raised the alarm about increasing numbers of dolphin deaths.

The closed area will cover approximately 27,000 square kilometres where most of the deaths have occurred and fishing vessels fitted with gillnets will have to be observed 100% of the time – using observers or cameras – to ensure compliance.

“On Wednesday I raised this matter in Federal Parliament with the Minister for Fisheries, Senator Ludwig, and I am pleased that AFMA have responded so quickly to this alarming situation, “ Senator Wright said. 

“These nets are designed to catch fish by snaring their gills. Dolphins are protected, iconic creatures and it is totally unacceptable that they should be injured or killed in interactions with nets designed to catch other species.”

“Along with Australian sealions, which are also casualties of these nets, they require ongoing  protection and this temporary ban must be made permanent.”

Australian Greens Marine Spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert, has called for a review of all dolphin deaths associated with the use of gillnets around Australia.

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The five conservation groups calling for an immediate ban on the use of gillnets in Commonwealth waters off South Australia are:

Humane Society International

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

The Conservation Council of South Australia

The Wilderness Society

The Australian Marine Conservation Society

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