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Greens to strengthen discrimination law

Media Release
Penny Wright 26 Jul 2013

Australian Greens have committed to reviving and improving anti-discrimination laws dumped by the Government earlier this year to protect Australians from being fired, expelled or bullied because of who they are.

In unveiling the Greens' 'Rule of Law' election policy today, Legal Affairs spokesperson Senator Penny Wright said the Greens would also provide further funding of $3 million over the next four years to the Australian Human Rights Commission to implement the stronger laws.

"Abbott's opposition rejected moves to improve equality without seeing the detail and Labor lost the courage of their convictions earlier this year.

"The Government dropped plans to consolidate anti-discrimination laws across the country, leaving the Greens as the only party ready to strengthen protections for some of our most vulnerable people.

"While amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act passed Parliament as a compromise, the Greens say it is time to stand up for victims of domestic violence, homelessness and others and make sure they are protected from discrimination.

"We also want to make sure blanket exemptions for religious organisations do not apply when that organisation is using public money to provide public services like health, education and housing.

"In modern Australia, it's time we have laws that ensure we are all treated equally - so we can't be fired, expelled or bullied because of who we are.

"The Australian Greens care about people - that's why we're making for stronger legal protections for all Australians a priority."

More information about the Rule of Law policy announcement is available here.

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