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Greens: Guarantee Gonski before election

Media Release
Penny Wright 14 Apr 2013

The Australian Greens are calling on the Gillard Government to guarantee legislation for Gonski school funding reforms will be brought to Parliament before the election to ensure extra funding goes ahead.

Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools, Senator Penny Wright, urged action to protect public schools from a Tony Abbott Government.

“The Australian Greens want fair funding so every Australian child has equal opportunity,” Senator Wright said. “It is time for all State Premiers to get on board.”

“We’re willing to work with the Government get on with it and to get this passed before the next election and protect our schools from Tony Abbott’s Coalition.

“Education is the way to overcome disadvantage and create a stronger economy. What the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott needs to explain is why he doesn’t support fair funding and why he wants to keep the poorest schools poor.

“I call on all State Premiers and Tony Abbott’s Coalition to stop playing politics and go into COAG negotiations this week aiming to get the best outcomes for all Australian children.

“The Australian Greens have been pushing for Gonski to be legislated for a long time and the Prime Minister’s announcement today brings us closer to that, but this needs to be introduced to the Parliament as soon as possible so it can be passed before the election.”

“However, Labor needs to urgently re-think the drastic cuts to higher education. It is robbing Peter to pay Paul and it is a direct result of the Government’s failure to fix the mining tax.

“We can fix our schools without robbing our universities if Labor only has the political courage to stand up to the big miners.”

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