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Government All Talk, No Action on Education

Media Release
Penny Wright 30 Oct 2012

Under questioning today, the Government avoided outlining its action-plan for achieving the Asian Language outcomes set out in its Asian White Paper.

“This Government continues to dance around the question of how it will fund its Asian Language aspirations. We need action, not more talk,” Senator Penny Wright, Greens Spokesperson for Schools, said.

“Not only did the Government not provide details on Asian Languages, they continue to be unable to give details on how they will implement and fund the Gonski schools reforms.

“We’ve been talking about this for too long. This continued stalling is concerning, not just to the Greens, but to the next generation of Australia’s schoolchildren.

“If the Government were truly committed to preparing us for the Asian Century, then surely actions should speak louder than words?

“Rather than respond with an action-plan for how the Government will achieve its Asian Language goals and reform schools funding, Minister Evans talked about the Government’s lofty intentions again providing no details.

“First Gonski, now Asian Language outcomes. The Gillard Government is clearly all talk and no action.”

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