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Gonski passes Senate: Statement from Senator Penny Wright

Media Release
Penny Wright 26 Jun 2013

"After a decade of advocacy from the Australian Greens, Australia is now much closer to a needs-based funding system following the passage of the Australian Education Bill 2013," Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright said today.

"This legislation does not implement the full range of recommendations from the Gonski review of school funding, but it will provide the framework for a better education for every Australian child.

"However, this can only be true if every Premier and Chief Minister puts kids ahead of politics and signs up in the next few days.

"Education is opportunity and this is a once-in-a-generation chance for a fairer funding system and to address the protracted underfunding of public schools.

"Destiny should not be determined by postcode. Education can be the lifeline for all children to achieve their full potential.

"The Australian Greens have stood up for Australian kids and teachers by supporting this crucial legislation through Parliament. It is now time for the remaining states to do their bit."

The Australian Greens amendments to improve transparency and accountability were not supported by the Labor and Liberal parties.


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