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Estimates: National Suicide Prevention Strategy Questions on Notice

Estimates & Committees
Penny Wright 15 Jan 2013

Senate Community Affairs Committee
Health and Ageing Portfolio

Outcome 11 - Mental Health
Question No. E12-065

Senator WRIGHT: 

Please detail the progress of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy. For example, what are its main objectives; is there an overall framework or strategy document that is publically available; what are the main programs that fall under the strategy and has its overall effectiveness been evaluated?


The National Suicide Prevention Strategy (NSPS) consists of four key inter-related components:


  • The 'Living is for Everyone' (LIFE) Framework, which sets an overarching evidence based strategic policy framework for suicide prevention in Australia and was adopted as the national suicide prevention framework by Health Ministers on 29 September 2011;
  • The National Suicide Prevention Action Framework, which provides a time limited workplan for Commonwealth suicide prevention investment;
  • The National Suicide Prevention Program, which is the Australian Government funding program dedicated to suicide prevention activities; and
  • Mechanisms to promote alignment with state and territory suicide prevention activities, particularly to progress the relevant actions of national frameworks such as the Fourth National Mental Health Plan.


Governance for the Strategy is supported through the Australian Suicide Prevention Advisory Council (ASPAC), the Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Principal Committee and the National Suicide Prevention Working Group.

The objectives of the NSPS are to:


  • Build individual resilience and the capacity for self-help;
  • Improve community strength, resilience and capacity in suicide prevention;
  • Providing targeted suicide prevention activities;
  • Implement standards and quality in suicide prevention;
  • Take a coordinated approach to suicide prevention; and
  • Improve the evidence base and understanding of suicide prevention.


The LIFE Framework can be found at

The NSPP funds a range of community-based and whole of population projects that deliver activities at a local and national level. Details of projects funded under the NSPP can be found at

Consistent with the whole of government response to the report to the Senate Inquiry into Suicide in Australia, an overarching evaluation strategy for the NSPP has been developed and an independent evaluatio of the NSPP is underway. It is anticipated that the evaluation will be completed by 30 June 2013.


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