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Estimates: Indigenous Representation at ANZAC Centenary Commemorations

Estimates & Committees
Penny Wright 27 Feb 2014

Senator Wright asks questions relating to Indigenous representation at the ANZAC Centenary Commemorations at Gallipoli in 2015 during an Estimates hearing for the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee.






Senator WRIGHT: I have a question in 3.2 in relation to Gallipoli related activities. It is about Indigenous representation at Gallipoli. I understand that the office of the South Australian Minister for Veterans' Affairs made representations to Minister Ronaldson about Indigenous representation at the Anzac centenary commemorations in 2015 at Gallipoli. I understand that Minister Ronaldson advised that, although it was too late to make provisions for Indigenous representation in the ballot, he would write to the Minister for Defence to request appropriate Indigenous representation in the ADF contingent which will be chosen to travel to Gallipoli next year. Has this request been made of the defence minister?

Major Gen. Chalmers: Yes, it has.

Senator WRIGHT: Thank you. Has the defence minister provided a response to the request?

Major Gen. Chalmers: I believe the CDF has responded and said that they will make every effort to ensure that Indigenous representation exists within the ADF contingent.

Senator WRIGHT: Can you give me any idea about at what point that decision will be made so that it will be publicly known?

Major Gen. Chalmers: I think the selection process for the ADF contingent is really a matter for Defence, so I could not tell you exactly when that would occur.

Mr Lewis: The easier way might be to take it on notice.

Senator WRIGHT: I have missed my opportunity to ask the other witnesses. If you could take it on notice and find out, that would be helpful.

Major Gen. Chalmers: I would say that they will not be selecting the individuals who will go to Gallipoli in 2015 for some time yet.

Senator WRIGHT: It is more the process that I would be interested in. Thank you.


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