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Estimates: DGR status for schools

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Penny Wright 26 Feb 2014

During Senate Estimates, Senator Wright asks questions relating to deductible gift recipient status and its availability to government schools. 

Senator WRIGHT: I am interested in investigating deductible gift recipient status and its availability to government schools. What impediments currently exist to government schools who wish to attain deductible gift recipient status? Are there any and are they nationally consistent?

Mr Cook: Senator, I might have to take this on notice. Most of the decisions around those aspects are from Treasury, rather than the department. I think it is likely we will have to take it on notice and seek Treasury advice.

Senator WRIGHT: Perhaps, if I can run through the questions-there are only a few of them-then you will be clear on what I am asking. I am interested because we have been asked about the ability of government schools to receive donations to assist them. Are there impediments? Are these impediments nationally consistent? Does the government intend to review any such impediments, if there are such impediments? What rules apply in relation to a government school receiving bequests?

Mr Cook: Sure. I am happy to seek advice from Treasury on those matters.

Senator WRIGHT: That is all I had. Thank you.

Senator Payne: Senator Wright, can I ask that you put those on notice in Treasury as well? That would facilitate, I think, a more comprehensive answer.

Senator WRIGHT: That is a good idea. Thank you.


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