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Estimates: data and funding for eating disorders

Estimates & Committees
Penny Wright 22 Oct 2014

Eating disorders

Senator WRIGHT: I will now come to the issue of eating disorders. I am interested to know what data the department has in relation to the prevalence of eating disorders in Australia in 2014 or recently.

Mr Booth: Again, I do not have that information on me. We would need to take that on notice and see who the appropriate organisation is that collects that type of data. We can certainly look into it and we would be happy to make that information available.

Senator WRIGHT: When you say 'the appropriate organisation', would that be a part of the department or an NGO?

Mr Booth: That is what we will look at. I do not have the eating disorder information with me at the moment but I am aware that a number of different organisations and a number of different NGOs work in the area of eating disorders. I am not clear and I cannot think off the top of my head whether there is a consistent data collection across all of them to pull that information together, but I will certainly look into it.

Senator WRIGHT: What is the current level of government funding allocated to address eating disorders in Australia?

Mr Booth: I would need to take that on notice.

Senator WRIGHT: Could you separate that into direct and indirect funding?

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