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Estimates: #BustTheBudget

Estimates & Committees
Penny Wright 2 Jun 2014

Senator Wright will ask questions on a range of topics during Budget Estimates, May-June 2014.

We will upload the transcripts and related footage on this page as it becomes available.

Environment and Communications

Transparency and consultation for 'offshore projects' under NOPSEMA 

Cutting the Grants to Voluntary Environment, Sustainability, Heritage Organisations program

Legal and Constitutional Affairs 

Proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act

Hands off our Racial Discrimination Act!

Questioning the Freedom Commissioner, Tim Wilson

The impact of cuts to the Family and Circuit Courts

Investigating the impact of debtors' petition fees

Cuts to the national peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services

Impact of amalgamating tribunals

General questions to the Attorney General: NPA on legal assistance review, National Human Rights Action plan, KPMG Report

The government's decision to completely defund the Environmental Defender's Office

Australian Law Reform Commission

Community Legal Centres Program

Abolishing the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor


Streamlining of offshore petroleum regulations - what are the impacts?

Community Affairs

Partners in Recovery

National Mental Health Commission

Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program

The Hidden Toll report and a suicide reduction target

Education and Employment

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 


Previous Estimates work

Senator Wright asked questions on a range of topics during Additional Estimates in February, 2014. 

Please follow the links below to read transcripts and view the related footage. 

Education and Employment 

DGR status for government schools 

Independent public schools and school funding 

Trade training centres 

Development of the curriculum 

The Curriculum Review 

Legal and Constitutional Affairs 

Environmental Defenders Offices

Indigenous Legal Services 

High Court of Australia efficiency dividends 

Cuts to legal assistance sector 

Debtor's petition fees

Family Court of Australia 


CSIRO workplace bullying allegations investigation 

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 

Retrospective Medical Discharge 

Indigenous representation at ANZAC Centenary Commemorations 

DGR status for the Peacekeeping Memorial Project 

Community Affairs 

The National Mental Health Commission's review of mental health services 

Support for adult survivors of childhood trauma 


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