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Estimates: BeyondBlue Program Questions on Notice

Estimates & Committees
Penny Wright 16 Jan 2013

Senate Community Affairs Committee
Health and Ageing Portfolio

Outcome 11 - Mental Health
Question No. E12-081

Senator WRIGHT: 

a) Could the Department give a progress report on beyondblue's men's mental health and suicide awareness campaigns, which received $9 million funding to benefit high-risk groups, including single men, fathers, older men, the unemployed, rural and Indigenous men.

b) Can the Department outline what the key performance measurements were for these campaigns, account for how these funds were spent and how these funds benefited the specific high-risk groups outlined?


a) beyondblue has developed the Beyond Barriers Strategy, which includes a multi-platform campaign to target the high risk groups and aims to encourage ment to take action against depression and anxiety through reducing the barriers to seeking support, including stigma. Market research has been undertaken to guide the development of the Strategy and campaign. The next step is to engage both a creative agency and an evaluation for the Strategy.

b) Key performance indicators for the project will include:

  • more men recognise that depression and anxiety are serious health problems;
  • more men can identify the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety;
  • fewer men perceive asking for help as a weakness;
  • the rate of stigma amongst males is reduced through targeted messages and practical action for specific male groups, and their mates and families; and
  • more men who may be experiencing symptoms seek help through a range of treatment options.
A breakdown of how these funds were spent on the campaigns will be available once the campaigns are developed, which is planned for mid-2013. A project evaluation is also planned to be finalised in mid-2014 and will determine if these key performance indicators have been met.


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